We deploy a mix of loans, grants and equity investments with the mission to conserve and restore biodiversity.

Talking Business

Nature-linked loans

Wedgetail’s first financial product is nature-linked loans. These loans are built to accelerate businesses that have nature-positive impacts on the landscapes in which they operate.

Rewarding regeneration

Your interest rate will decrease as you deliver returns in natural capital. For example, by restoring, conserving or rehabilitating land.

From cacao to beyond

While our loans initially focused on the cacao industry, we’re hoping to support farmers, sourcers and producers across an array of commodities that keep forests standing around the world.

Championing sustainable growth

We’ll never encourage you to chase unsustainable business growth.

Your location is no barrier

Wedgetail has projects in six countries, organised in multiple languages. We’re here to support you, no matter where you’re located.

Grants and equity investments

In addition to nature-linked loans, we offer grants and equity investments through the Wedgetail Foundation.

Typically, our grants will fund research, concept validation or business setup costs.

For example, a Wedgetail grant supports the creation of a biological corridor in Costa Rica, combining conservation and the building of local economies to support farmers and better biodiversity outcomes.

Our equity investments, on the other hand, fund the advancement of nature-tech that improves the measurement of natural capital and biodiversity as well as its reporting.

For example, the Wedgetail Foundation has invested in carbon-accounting startup Sumday.

Financing systems change

We need to protect and regenerate nature in our agricultural systems. We need to reduce the impact on nature in our waste systems. We need to account for the value of nature in our financial systems. We’re experimenting with a variety of investment models to support this systems change.

Our first financial product is nature-linked loans, but it certainly won’t be our last. If you’re nature-positive, we’d love to support you.